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Q. How can I purchase geocases?
A. Purchasing geocases is fast and easy. Simply click onto the ‘To purchase’ link from the home page.

Q. Can I try out geocases before paying?
A. To see a sample case study, simply click onto the sample case study button on the home page.

Geocases: use and access

Q. What is the difference between the free and payment sections of the site?
A. The free access area incorporates 1 case study only and the purchased section allows access to the whole series of case studies.

Q. What can I do if I've forgotten my access codes?
A. Ask whoever will have administered the purchase of your subscription within your school, they will have kept a record of your access codes.
If you were the person who purchased Geocases, please email or call 0207 873 6326

Q. Why can't I get through to some of the geocases pages?
A. In order to access the whole series of geocases you or your school must first purchase it. If you are already a user, please ensure you have entered your access code correctly.

Q. Why could I not find a case study for my chosen topic?
A. Not all topics have case studies available but we are adding new case studies all the time. The most popular topics will be covered first.

Q. Why can't I see a question from my exam board on my topic of choice?
A. We only offer exam questions for the AQA A, AQA B, Edexcel A, Edexcel B and OCR A examboards

Q. Why am I unable to click on some of the tabs?
A. Whilst geocases is a comprehensive database with the content regularly updated, there will be some cases where there are no supporting exercises. In this case the corresponding tab has been ‘greyed out’ meaning that there is no content behind it and therefore it cannot be clicked on.

Q.Why can I not access the website from certain computers?
A. Certain institutions have extra stringent security settings, firewalls or URL filtering software. In a few cases the geocases content has been blocked. If you should experience this problem please contact your network administrator and request that the firewall setting be changed to allow access to geocases. If the problem persists, or you are working on a personal computer not attached to a network please email or call 0207 873 6326

About Geocases

Q. What is the content of geocases?
A. Geocases combines subject content in the form of case studies with examination questions and answers, and further activities.

Q. Where does it come from?
A. Contributors to geocases include:
Experienced authors, Garrett Nagle and Paul Guinness
Senior examiners from the major examboards.

If you have any other questions or in the instance of technical problems or non-functional links please email or call 0207 873 6326 and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Watch this space: if there is a content feature, optional topic or exam question of your choice not yet available on geocases, check the site in a few weeks. We are adding features and information all the time to provide as full a service as possible.


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